Our Story

Adam, Rich and Jon set up innocent drinks from a market stall in 1999 and 15 years later sold it to Coca-Cola for north of $700m. When we were raising venture money everyone said no. Eventually one angel gave us a break as he believed in us and our concept. JamJar exists to do this for the next generation of entrepreneurs where we believe in both the team and idea. Our bottom line is we are entrepreneurs first and investors second. For the full story warts and all pick up the book.

Our Team

Our Approach

There are 6 areas where you can benefit from working with us, all beginning with the letter C. It is as much about you choosing us, as us selecting you. You can benefit from our experience, avoid our mistakes and hopefully enjoy the ride.


We understand how to develop brands that connect with consumers and win their loyalty.


We know how to manage and harness the power of creativity to serve a commercial agenda.


We can help you structure your business and deals to keep more of the value you create for yourself.


We have been through the different stages of growth, so can help with all decisions you’ll face.


We are happy to lead and/or invest alongside others, meaning you can have everyone you want involved.


You can confide in us, we will always be in your corner so can be your first phone call whenever you need support or advice.